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For anybody who hasn't already noticed, in the last couple of weeks we have switched our usual means of site-wide updating to something a bit.. zippier!
The site will no longer shut down while we update, the updates will be instant and take place between 10:30PM PST and 12:00PM PST. Almost always sometime shortly after 11. When this happens, you'll need only refresh to see the sites new features and clothing, etc. I still don't know for sure if we provide a notification of some sort to players when an update has been finished, if we don't I'll ask that we do. Otherwise, just refresh around 11:15 or so and you should see the new game content. Our next update will be Monday, November 20th.

Having an issue with ourWorld or looking for in-game help? Please, feel free to send me a ticket or contact support@ourworld.com!
If you message me about it in the Forum or on Live oW it may be overlooked.^

Should you have any questions/concerns regarding the oW Forum, contact an available Moderator.
(If nobody is online, email whomever you prefer, they may not be logged in but someone is always watching.)
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○ Thanx for the heads up!

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This is what runescape does and I love it that way because sometimes the hour you guys are updating is my only free hour haha.

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Thankyou to Lavender
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Yayy, this is great



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Yay, no more waiting offline!

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Yes! Now we don't have to wait for forever to get back in. c:

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Haven't really noticed,due to me being slightly inactive,but it's pretty nice to simply refresh instead of hanging out with people and seeing the "page shutting down in ... minutes" message.

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For someone who is impatient such as myself, I am quite pleased with this update. I've noticed this particular brew when they gifted gems to the Residents and Zoe members. However, the server's were very laggy that day.. but also when they released the part 2 of Winter items without having to refresh. Kept getting stuck on the loading screen as well, maybe fix that bug first please?
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